Epilepsy and Cannabis

Medical marijuana can be used to reduce seizure activity in some epilepsy patients.  It has proven to be a safe, effective therapy with minimal side effects when prescription medications are ineffective or intolerable.

Why Marijuana Works well in Treating Epilepsy

Substances in marijuana called cannabinoids affect cells in our body known as cannabinoid receptors.  Cannabidiol, known mostly as CBD, is just one of those compounds found in cannabis that can help reduce seizures. Unlike THC, which generates the “high” feeling, CBD doesn’t cause psychoactive effects. This particular absence of psychoactive effects allows patients to deal with fewer seizures without offering with the high feeling in case they choose to stay away from it.  When treating epilepsy, the most effective strains are CBD dominant.  In addition to reducing seizure activity, the higher CBD:THC ratio will minimize or avoid the psychoactive side effects of THC.  Although some individuals appear to respond to CBD only preparations, choosing strains that include THC with CBD might prove useful when CBD alone does not reduce seizures. Researchers suspect there is a synergistic effect when using CBD and THC in combination.

Charlotte’s Web is a good strain to consider when treating epilepsy. A comparable product called Haleigh’s Hope is currently marketed in Colorado for children with epilepsy.

Children with epilepsy most often use cannabis products in a solid or liquid, edible form (children are encouraged not to smoke). Transdermal patches or creams are another alternative

Many individuals suffering from other seizure disorders and epilepsy have found help from medical marijuana, either taken by itself or perhaps in conjunction with some other epilepsy medications. Some epileptics that can’t tolerate different anti seizure medicines but have been able to use marijuana to effectively control their seizures.

Treating Epilepsy With Marijuana

Marijuana helps patients with epilepsy control the seizure symptoms related to the disorder. Just like the signs of epilepsy differ from one patient to the subsequent, the particular strains which prove effective could vary. Some people might respond extremely well to a specific strain, while others may not.

The two main types of cannabis are indica and sativa, with hybrid strains offered that highlight particular traits from the additional 2 types. Indica strains typically contain much more CBD compared to THC, making them popular for dealing with epilepsy. Indica even has a tendency to produce a sedative or perhaps relaxing effect, which will help deal with other health problems, like anxiousness, sleeping disorders, chronic pain, headaches, and muscle spasms. Kush, White Widow, and Northern Lights are actually 3 examples of indica.

Sativas have a tendency to have an uplifting, energizing effect, which may be great for day, though it might interfere with sleep during the night. Although it doesn’t have much CBD, several individuals do find relief from seizures and spasms from sativas. It is able to additionally helpful treating nausea and to stimulate your appetite in case you are afflicted by those issues.

The most effective strains of marijuana for dealing with epilepsy are the ones that are loaded with CBD and lower in THC. This offers the seizure reducing effects of CBD without the psychoactive unwanted side effects. Charlotte’s Web fits the profile very well and it is a good choice for numerous individuals suffering from epilepsy. A comparable product called Haleigh’s Hope is currently on the market in Colorado with a focus on dealing with children with epilepsy.

Although some individuals appear to react very well to CBD, strains that include some THC with CBD might prove useful when CBD alone does not reduce seizures. Several scientists think the 2 substances come together producing an entourage effect. A marijuana doctor is able to evaluate your health needs to figure out which strain of marijuana is actually ideal for the specific circumstance of yours.

Medical marijuana can be purchased in a variety of various administration techniques. Most are familiar with the act of smoking marijuana. This particular method creates almost immediate effects, and that’s why it’s a favorite choice for adults. Many people have become more concerned recently about the consequences on the respiratory system when smoking marijuana, and that’s why other methods are becoming more popular, including vaping. Smoking cannabis is not recommeded for kids that suffer with epilepsy.

Vaporization is just one of many ways to consume cannabis. A vaporizer makes use of a lower temperature, which reduces byproducts produced from setting dried cannabis flowers on fire. The chemical substances in the marijuana enter the bloodstream quickly for almost immediate relief similar to smoking.

Oils and tinctures are concentrated forms of marijuana, which you are able to add to drinks or food, or you could take the oil on it’s own. Another way is to fill a capsule with cannabis oil to swallow, similar to any kind of medication in pill form. These techniques usually provide fast relief. The benefit of using cannabis oil for epilepsy is that you have more control over dosing. This is particularly crucial when taking meds with a high CBD level.

Edibles are another way of ingesting cannabis without smoking or even vaping it. Now you’re able to get a broad range of food products infused with cannabis from legal dispensaries. Several of the choices include gum, lollipops, ice cream, and cookies. Whenever you consume edibles, the effects commonly last more than they normally do with smoking and vaping, though they take longer to originally take effect. Always wait at least 90 minutes before eating more.

Kids with epilepsy most often take cannabis products in liquid form rather than smoking it. These products are sometimes available in gels or patches as well. The high levels of CBD in these items help manage the seizure activity while reducing the “high” sensation. Many of these items have some THC, though they’re generally limited.



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